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Unfair Mario GameUnfair Mario Game

You really have to find your zen while playing this game. Your calm. Your center. It’s definitely not for those that have a history of smashing controllers. Unfair Mario is a game that takes your childhood and grinds it into dust. But it will hurt so good.

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As you play you’ll begin to wonder if everything’s a lie. The game constantly jerks you around and misleads you. Lulling you into a false state of security before it strikes. Basically, if you listen to what it says, you die. But if you don’t listen you also die. It’s a contest of futility.

Keep Playing Unfair Mario

But for some reason you keep playing. Driven on by the simplistic controls and old-school Mario nostalgia. Your reward: you get a little bit further and get to see some of the multitudes of tortures awaiting you.

It wants you to quiver in fear. Death awaits around every corner like savage animal stalking it’s prey. For all of you hunters out there: Prepare to become the hunted!

Quick Tips About Unfair Mario Game

Quick Tip: Usually, the first panel of every platform is a trap. This isn’t true all of the time but if you jump as wide as possible it will generally result in fewer deaths. Also, jumping is up. This’ll throw gamers off initially as most people will be expecting, Z, X, or the Spacebar. Empty blocks will appear to block your path. This is great for those that love spikes.

Unfair Mario Game Play

As far as game play, Unfair Mario is mostly a game of memorization and reflexes. You will die. A lot. There is no winning. There is only survival.